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In the Microsoft Outlook client you can create both client and server side wizard rules. When using Zarafa only the serverside wizard rules are processed. Client side wizard rules are not automatically executed, also not when Outlook is running. However you can manually run these rules by selecting “Run rules now” in the wizard rules dialog.

Outlook will decide if the wizard rule is stored on the client or on the server.

This article will give an overview of wizard rules that can be created in Outlook and whether these are supported by Zarafa.

Type rule Supported
Move email to subfolder Yes
Copy email to subfolder Yes
Delete email (move to Deleted Items folder) Yes
Move email to subfolder when sending an email Yes
Forward email to another user Yes
Redirect email to another user Yes
Autoreply email Currently not
Forward email as attachment to another user No
Play sound when receiving email from specific sender No
Assign category to email from specific Sender No
Permanently delete the email No
Reply using a specific template No
Automatic set flag of the email No
Automatic set the importance of an email No

When using Outlook 2003 and 2007 please make sure the option “Run on this machine only” is disabled, otherwise the rule is not stored serverside.


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