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A more up to date description is available from the Z-Push wiki at https://wiki.z-hub.io/x/FoIa

With Z-Push 2.x it is possible to open shared or public folders on mobile devices which support it (iOS devices work quite reliable, Windows Phone syncs those additional folders but seems to have issues, Android devices seem not to support it).

The configuration which folders will be synced has to be done in config.php. E.g.

    $additionalFolders = array(
        // demo entry for the synchronization of contacts from the public folder.
        // uncomment (remove '/*' '*/') and fill in the folderid

    'store'     => "mary",
    'folderid'  => "57ee2483514f4f2dbf3f26a9b7c6bbd0710000000000",
    'name'      => "Marys Kalendar",

    'store'     => "SYSTEM",
    'folderid'  => "57ee2483514f4f2dbf3f26a9b7c6bbd01b0300000000",
    'name'      => "PublicContacts",


Users, who have at least secretary permissions on Mary's calendar, will be able to synchronize her calendar (shared folders).

Users, who have permissions on public folder "PublicContacts" will be able to sync its contents (public folders).

In order to find out the required folder id there is listfolders.php script in backend/zarafa folder.

Read also the comments above $additionalFolders in the config.php for more information.

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