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In most cases Z-Push Provisioning will work without any issues.

The following message is shown when the provisioning is requested by the server to mobile.

 POST cmd FolderSync denied: Retry after sending a PROVISION command

It's normal to see this message when a device is reconfigured or e.g. a policy changed.

If you see this messages repeated several times (more than 3), then your device is not "understanding" it should execute the provisioning.

Follow this procedure to check how to proceed.

  1. Look into the Z-Push Mobile Compatibility List to check if this mobile supports provisioning. Some devices like older native Android clients need the LOOSE_PROVISIONING configuration parameter set (see how to set this below).
  2. If your device supports provisioning, try to fully reconfigure the profile on your phone.
  3. Try a hard-reset if the error persists

Optionally you may also disable provisioning, however this will also disable the ability to wipe your phone remotely.

Location of the config.php depends on where you installed Z-Push.

$ sudo vi config.php


define('PROVISIONING', true);


define('PROVISIONING', false);

Also in order to enable LOOSE_PROVISIONING, change the following:

define('LOOSE_PROVISIONING', false);


define('LOOSE_PROVISIONING', true);
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