Disabling Junk mail filter in Outlook

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The Microsoft Outlook client has a Junk mail filtering feature.
With this feature local white and blacklists can be created, however this filters can't be used by the Zarafa server and dagent.

To prevent confusion the following registry options can be used to disable the Junk mail filters in Outlook.

In Outlook2007, set the following key (create the keys in the path if they do not exist):

DWord: DisableAntiSpam
Value: 1 (Hex)

If you use Outlook 2010, the key is (create the keys in the path if they do not exist):

Word: DisableAntiSpam
Value: 1 (Hex)

The setting will disable globally the junk mail filter for the logged in user.
If you still want to use the feature in a PST Outlook profile, enable the option again or remove the registry option.

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