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Zarafa Collaboration Platform (ZCP) has official support for:

  • Blackberry Enterprise Server 5.0.2 and 5.0.3
  • Blackberry Enterprise Server Express 5.0.2 and 5.0.3

The BES5 Zarafa installer can be downloaded on [1] or
For the BES5 integration it's required to use Zarafa 6.30.18+ or 6.40.5+.

Please keep in mind you need a Zarafa Professional or Enterprise subscription when using the BES integration.

Blackberry hints & tricks

Blackberry subfolder sync The BES5 & BES Express have support for synchronization of email subfolders. The subfolders are not by default synchronised, but this has to be enabled. In the Blackberry Administration tool the subfolder sync can be enabled with the following option:

  1. Go to BES administration console
  2. Select Manage users
  3. Select the user
  4. In the first tab, go to the bottom and select on 'Default configuration'
  5. Select the 'email' tab
  6. Select 'edit'
  7. Go to the 'folder redirection' header, and change it from 'Inbox and sent items only' to 'selected folder'
  8. Select the folders you want to sync
  9. Save the configuration change

Bes folder redirection.JPG

Blackberry and multi-tenancy Zarafa

BES4 and BPS4 can be integrated with a multi-tenancy Zarafa environment. In order to add users from multi organisations in the Blackberry Administration interface the bes administrator user need to be a System administrator user in Zarafa.

For multi-tenancy environments it's recommended to disable the Global Addressbook lookups on the device. A GAL lookup will by default search through all users in the Blackberry server, so will also find users from other organisations.

The GAL lookup can be disabled with this registry option:

 HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Research In Motion\BlackBerry Enterprise Server\Agents\AllowAddressLookup 

BES5 and Blackberry Express are currently not supported with a Zarafa multi-tenancy setup. BES5 doesn't search within multiple organisations when an emailaddress is add to the Blackberry Administration manager.

It's possible to connect BES5 or Blackberry Express to a single organisation within a multi-tenancy setup. In this configuration the company admin user need to be used in the Blackberry Outlook profile creation.

Deleting items on device

When deleting an email on the device, it will be by default only deleted on the device and not on the server. To delete an item both on the server and the device, you have to change a configuration option:

  1. Select the message options on the device
  2. Select "Email reconciliation"
  3. Change the option "Delete on:" to Mailbox and handheld

Zarafa cached mode and BlackBerry

When using Zarafa cached mode, deletes in your offline profile will not be propagated to your BlackBerry device. This is due to the fact that a delete action in online mode is in fact a 'move to deleted items' action. The move is detected by the BES software and the delete is sent to your device. However, in offline mode, deletes are propagated to the online server as a 'hard delete' (as opposed to a 'move'). For this to work, you need 'hard delete reconciliation' on your BlackBerry server. Although you can enable this option on your BES server, its function is not supported by the current BES connectors for Zarafa.

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