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This document contains information for custokmers/resellers who want Zarafa support to take a look at an issue.

General information

  • Supply Zarafa info, Client info and distro info
    • Zarafa version
    • Client and version (MS-Outlook, Thunderbird, WA FireFox, WA Internet explorer etc.)
    • Linux Distribution and version
  • A clear reproduction path when possible
    • When no reproduction path can be found, supply all steps already taken to pinpoint the issue

When there is a suspicious Mapi or iCalendar item

  • Create an export of the Mapi item (eml for email items, ics file for iCalendar items)
  • Supply a reproduction path

When Remote Access is needed (only Zarafa professional and enterprise Editions)

  • Supply login info for the server (SSH)
  • Supply login info for a Zarafa admin account
  • When no login info can be supplied, info how to take over the machine with a remote session (Teamviewer / RDP)

Migration issues

  • Supply the roadmap of the migration
  • Supply the source environment (Exchange 2003 / 2008, Lotus Notes etc.)
  • Supply the destination environment (Zarafa-server / Zarafa-gateway / iCalendar etc.)
  • When files are available, supply them (pst files / ics files etc…)

Creating a roadmap

  • Describe the reproduction steps in detail
  • Supply screenshots
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