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Meeting requests accepted or edited on the mobile have a wrong organizer

When meeting requests are accepted or later edited on the mobile, the organizer of that meeting is overwritten by the attendee's name in the attendee's calendar. Later actions on this meeting can affect all other attendees without notifying the original organizer.

Zarafa & Z-Push Versions affected:
All Zarafa versions.

All Z-Push 2.0.4 versions and prior including d-push under Debian/Univention Corporate Server(UCS).

This occurs especially with iOS5 and 6 (iPhone, iPad & iPod) but could also occur with other mobiles.

The organizer name is overwritten in the attendee's calendar by an attendee. Later actions on this meeting have unexpected results.

After the organizer is changed, the mobile presents a "delete" option instead of the known "Accept", "Tentative" and "Decline" options when editing this meeting. If "Delete" is chosen, this attendee will send a delete request to all other attendees.

Upgrade immediately to Z-Push 2.0.5 or higher available at:

This issue is fixed in Z-Push 2.0.5.

The upgrade will not fix already broken meetings (which were accepted/edited with Z-Push 2.0.4 and prior versions).

We are currently working on a way to fix these calendar items and will release a procedure a.s.a.p.

Issue date:
October 11th 2012

Zarafa upgrade to version 7 with python script causes speed decrease opening folders

Full details:

We addressed an issue in the zarafa7-upgrade python script.
If you used the python script to upgrade to version 7 you will notice slower folder loading.
In order to fix this you can enter the following MySQL commands:

truncate table tproperties;
alter table tproperties drop primary key, add primary key (folderid, tag,hierarchyid,type);
INSERT IGNORE INTO deferredupdate (hierarchyid, folderid) SELECT,c.parent FROM hierarchy AS c JOIN hierarchy AS p ON c.parent = AND p.type=3;

Then followed by another command in order to fill the tproperties table up again.

  • zarafa-admin --purge-deferred

It can happen that the purge-deferred command fails because a deadlock occurs while someone is opening messages.
You can simply re-run the zarafa-admin --purge-deferred again if it failed, as it will simply skip the previously entered records.
If you want this to be fully smooth, it's best to do this outside of office hours.

Issue with Zarafa Outlook 2010 compatibility package after latest Microsoft update

Microsoft has published on the 8th of November a new Outlook 2010 update. This update is not yet compatible with the Zarafa compatibility package. After the update it's no longer possible to open shared calendar and access the public folder contacts from the Outlook address.

See this Microsoft KB issue more information about this update: [1]

You can use the latest released window clients. The installer can be downloaded in de windows directory per version (latest releases) on: [2]

Zarafa has released a Zarafa client update for the 7.0.x and 7.1.x production versions in response to the public push by Microsoft of the Outlook 2010 update KB2687623.

As a result the extra collaboration features are restored and new functionality has become available. After application of the new Zarafa client, the freebusy information of stores that a user has no direct read access to is available for the purpose of planning meetings. Also various stability and performance improvements are available due to the Microsoft update. Zarafa recommends updating the Zarafa client on Outlook 2010 installations with the latest Microsoft updates on ZCP-7.0 and ZCP-7.1 platforms.

The download links for the clients are: For ZCP-7.0 platforms:

For ZCP-7.1 platforms:

Visual time-scheduling day off when selecting date after 30 October 2011 (open)

A critical usage issue is discovered caused by the upcoming DST time correction. In the WebAccess this can cause a wrong freebusy view for a new created meeting requests.This issue can potentially result in incorrect planned meeting dates as the selected visual date results in an actual date + 1 day. The screenshot below indicates the problem and the date to check.

We advise to check all appointments made after 30th October via the WebAccess freebusy scheduling option. This visual presentation issue occurs for all dates after Sunday the 30th of October, as long as the current date is before the 30th of October.

This fix only needs implementation if you experience this issue and wish to correct it before Sunday the 30th of October. After the DST time change has passed on your server systems the visualization is correct.


Zarafa Versions affected:
All Zarafa versions 6.x and 7.x.

The visual issue will only appear between Monday 26th of October and Sunday 30th of October.

Meeting request can be 1 day off when the wrong date is picked.
When selecting the right date using the Date-Time picker, the correct date is used.

Use the date-time picker in stead of clicking the scheduler bar.

There is a patch available on [3]
To apply this patch use the following steps:

cd /usr/share/zarafa-webaccess


patch -p1 -F3 < 20111026_fb.diff

After the 30th of October, this visual issue will not appear anymore.

Issue date:
26 October 2011

Mac iCal version 5.0 not correctly working with ZCP (Fixed in 6.40.11 / 7.02)

The version 5.0 from OSX 10.7 (Lion) will currently not work with the zarafa-ical gateway.

Zarafa Versions affected:
All Zarafa versions. This has to do with the new iCal version.

The issue only affects version 5.0 from OSX 10.7 (Lion)

Result: does not sync calendar and does not detect a writable calendar. So reading and writing in the calendar is not possible.

There is no known workaround yet.

This issue is fixed.

Issue date:
July 27th 2011

Zarafa 6.40.9-27515 Final is temporarily pulled from the Zarafa download page (Fixed)

Due to an issue regarding the digital signature certificate of the Zarafa Installer, the Zarafa 6.40.9-27515 Final is temporarily retracted from the Zarafa download page.

Zarafa Versions affected:
Zarafa 6.40.9-27515

The issue only affects the Zarafa Outlook Client since it refuses to install without a valid digital sigtnature certificate

Zarafa Outlook client not installed automatically

Install the Zarafa Outlook Client manually.

This issue is analized and fixed. The new 6.40.9 Final wil be posted on the download page at 08-06-2011

Issue date:
June 8th 2011

Recurring meetings one hour early between 25 oct and 31 oct (Fixed)

Recurrent meeting requests starting between 25 and 31 October 2010 are one hour too early in calendars.

Zarafa Versions affected:
Zarafa 6.30.x and 6.40.x

The issue occurs only if all of the following conditions are met:
- Timezone Europe (CET)
- A recurring meeting request is sent to attendees
- The first occurrence of this recurring meeting request is between 25 and 31 October 2010
- In spooler.cfg always_send_tnef is set to no (default)

The attendees see the appointment one hour too early in their calendars.

In spooler.cfg configure: always_send_tnef = yes

This issue is analized and fixed. The fix will be available in version 6.30.18 and 6.40.4.
Zarafa created a Zarafa Alert Script : Recurrent Meeting which analyses all appointments starting between 25th and 31st of October and checks/fixes the wrong created items in the future.

Issue date:
October 21th 2010

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