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In order to update z-push2 you can download the new .tar.gz from http://z-push.org The info on this page is NOT to be used to upgrade from version 1.x to version 2.x of z-push.

Required: login as root or use sudo.

In this example x-yyyy is replaced for the version number.

We will assume that you installed Z-Push in /var/www/z-push but some documentation or distributions use /usr/share/z-push.

Important: The state folder should be kept when updating Z-Push.
Read the release notes, as there could be special things which require attention!
Make a backup of your installation inclusing config.php because new settings and defaults may change, please perform backup and upgrade using the following steps.

wget http://zarafa-deutschland.de/z-push-download/final/2.0/z-push-2.0.x-yyyy.tar.gz
tar -zxf  z-push-2.0.x-yyyy.tar.gz
mv z-push-2.0.x-yyyy /var/www/
diff /var/www/z-push/config.php /var/www/z-push-2.0.x-yyyy/config.php

Check your config.php and possible modified defaults and update the new config.php by hand in the /var/www/z-push-2.0.x-yyyy directory.

Then mv the old version and make a symbolic link to the new version:

mv /var/www/z-push /var/www/z-push.old
ln -s /var/www/z-push-2.0.x-yyyy /var/www/z-push

After completing these steps, your Z-Push will be up-to-date and all new connections will use the new z-push version.

To check the current version you can execute (where /var/www/z-push/ is where you installed Z-Push):

grep VERSION /var/www/z-push/version.php

Example output:

define("ZPUSH_VERSION", "2.0.x-yyyy");

After that open a browser and get this URL, press CANCEL when the browser asks for a login.


or with SSL use https:


That should output something like this:

Z-Push ActiveSync 2013-01-02 17-43-26.png

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