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|label3  = Linux distribution
|label3  = Linux distribution
|data3  = Ubuntu 10.04
|data3  = Ubuntu 12.04

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Article information
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Applies to:
Version(s) 7.1.0
Linux distribution Ubuntu 12.04

First do a clean install of Ubuntu Server 12.04

For other supported distributions view the downloads here:

Download the latest Zarafa packages with wget, below is the 64bit version. Change x86_64 to i386 for the 32bit version.

$ wget

Untar the .tar.gz file that you just downloaded.

$ tar -zxf zcp-7.1.0-36420-ubuntu-12.04-x86_64-free.tar.gz

Change to the folder you just untarred.

$ cd zcp-7.1.0-36420-ubuntu-12.04-x86_64-free

Install packages

  • 1. Lib packages
$ dpkg -i lib*
  • 2. Zarafa packages
$ dpkg -i zarafa*
  • 3. If you get dependency errors run:
$ apt-get install -f

Note: zarafa-server will not start because it does not have the mysql password yet.

Specified the mysql root password in the /etc/zarafa/server.cfg configuration file.

$ sudo vi /etc/zarafa/server.cfg

Install the Zarafa license.

$ sudo echo "yourlicense" > /etc/zarafa/license/base

Install the postfix mta.

$ sudo aptitude install postfix

- Add to /etc/postfix/

mailbox_command = /usr/bin/zarafa-dagent "$USER"
mailbox_transport = zarafa: zarafa_destination_recipient_limit = 1

- Change mydestination to add your own maildomain in /etc/postfix/

mydestination = hostname.local,, localhost.hostname.local, localhost

- Add to /etc/postfix/

zarafa    unix  -       n       n       -       10       pipe
  flags=DRhu user=vmail argv=/usr/bin/zarafa-dagent -R ${recipient}

Create the vmail user on the system.

adduser --system --no-create-home vmail

Add the user vmail to the variable local_admin_users in /etc/zarafa/server.cfg.

Restart apache to commit the changes zarafa made for webaccess.

$ sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart

Add your domain to the mydestination variable in /etc/postfix/

Restart postfix to commit the changes to postfix.

$ sudo /etc/init.d/postfix restart

Start the zarafa-server.

$ sudo /etc/init.d/zarafa-server start

Make a Zarafa tester user and also create this user on the system so it can receive the email.

$ sudo /usr/bin/zarafa-admin -c test -p password -e [email protected] -f "Zarafa Test"

To create the user, use the adduser command and follow the wizard.

$ sudo adduser test

Login on webaccess and check if mail can be sent/received.


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