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This page describes how to get an application id for the "Facebook" plug-in for WebApp 1.1.

Firstly, you should register at Facebook.com with your usual facebook account. There you should create an app, which should include these parameters:

Display name: Any you like
Namespace: Any you like
Contact Email: Your email
App Domains: Domains for the server, where the plugin is enabled. For example, 'example.domain.com, example.com';
Category: Can be none choosen
Hosting URL: Should be empty and nonselected
Site url: Should be an url, where the WebApp is. For example, 'email.zarafa.com', so this is the url

where facebook would redirect the user.

After you create the app, you should receive an appId and app secret key. You will need first for now.

Then, you should fill in the config with the following values:

appId of your application, e.g '11111111111';

home_domain: should be 'your_webapp_address' without scheme (e.g. if your webapp is located at http://test.example.com/webapp/index.php, put it just 'test.example.com')

then you should start your application.

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