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To evaluate the Zarafa product, you can also try the Zarafa virtual appliance in the Amazon EC2 cloud.

Zarafa has 2 EC2 instances available.

  • Instance with Z-Admin management gui (ami-e937339d)
  • Instance with commandline utilities for user management (ami-af4145db)

Both instances are available in the EU West region.

Use the basic Zarafa virtual appliance

The Zarafa virtual appliance is available in the community section by id ami-af4145db in the EU West region.
After the machine is started and you are logged in, you have to configure an email domain and users.

Configure email domains

  • Open the file /etc/postfix/ with an text editor
  • Change the virtual_mailbox_domains option to the email domain you want to use in the machine
  • Reload Postfix to activate the domain

Create users

Zarafa is configured with the internal database plugin. This mean you have to manage the users by the zarafa-admin tool. To create an user, use the following steps:

 $ zarafa-admin -c username -P -f "Full name" -e emailaddress

Login to Zarafa

You can use the following clients to connect to Zarafa:

Use the Z-Admin Zarafa instance

Before starting the Z-Admin instance, please make sure port 10000 is open in the Amazon security group. After the instance is started, the administration interface can be accessed on:


For further configuration of Z-Admin, see

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