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The following scripts allows you to convert the mailboxes from a local Zarafa DB plugin to an Active Directory environment.


  • Make sure all local Zarafa users are also available in the Active Directory or OpenLDAP directory. The usernames used with the DB plugin, should be the same as the username in AD/LDAP.
  • Install the perl module MIME::Base64 and DBI
  • Make sure you have a successful backup of the Zarafa database


  • Shutdown Zarafa (which is configured for DB plugin)
  • Set the user_plugin option in the server.cfg to ldap
  • Enable the safe mode by setting the option user_safe_mode = yes
  • Run the script
  • Configure Zarafa for the LDAP plugin
  • Start Zarafa (with new LDAP plugin)
  • When this script is successfully executed, run the to fix all entries of all email items
  • Test if you can still reply internal emails from before the migration
  • Test if access to shared mailboxes is still working
  • Disable the safe_mode and reload the zarafa-server to activate the change

NOTE: This is not officially supported. Zarafa Professional Services can help you with these upgrade processes. The order of execution is very important, the key is to have Zarafa not noticing that the "externid" of the "users" table have changed.

NOTE: If you want to try this yourself, please try it first in a test environment if you don't then you might end up with all the mailstores unhooked on your production environment.

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