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I was born in Crimea - it is nice place in Ukraine situated near the sea. As you all might now, people who live near by the see, are quite easy going people. I'm honest, hard working and funny at all times except in the mornings. (skype calls preferred after 11:00 CET). The Island of Crimea is a beautiful place to relax, but did not provide enough environment to chase my ambitions.

I have spent my university years there. It was exciting time. My speciality was radioengineering but most of all I loved to develop the applications. So I decided to study software engineering. And first my job was as Java Developer in state company. I have red about agile, eXtreme Programming, Refactoring, Design patterns, TDD and since then I began to dream about the company with such development process and I found it at Zarafa.

I now live in Kharkov, because there were more opportunities here. And I'm happy that I made that step, because after half a year moving to Kharkov, Zarafa has found me. I wanted to let you all know that I'm very excited and greatful to work with you all. I have a lot to offer, but also a lot to learn.

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