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This article is a community contribution and may include unsupported configurations.

original forum post.

Attached you find templates for phpLDAPadmin, to ease the creation of users (and companies in case of a multicompany environement).

The contents of the file need to be uploaded to:


To use the templates you have to make the following modifications to your ldap.cfg

 ldap_user_search_filter = (objectClass=zarafa-user)
 ldap_companyname_attribute = ou
 ldap_user_unique_attribute = entryUUID



Q: The templates dont show up in phpLDAPadmin.

A: You manually have to purge the cache in phpLDAPadmin, to accomplish this you have to click "puge cache".

Q: The Users I added through the template dont show up in Zarafa.

A: Are you sure, you have changed ldap_user_search_filter from PosixUsers to zarafa-user?

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