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Sometimes the users Inbox folder is no longer properly linked to the IPM_SUBTREE. When this is the case, you will see the Inbox - Username folder but no sub folders.

To solve this you will have to download MFCMapi from

After downloading and extracting MFCMapi from the zip file, you can follow the steps below.

  • Open MFCMapi
  • Choose: Session -> Logon and Display Store Table
  • Pick the correct profile
  • Click on Inbox - Username under the Display Name column
  • In the bottom pane right click the PR_IPM_SUBTREE_ENTRYID attribute and select Open As Entry ID or Object
  • Click ok
    • If you do not see IPM_SUBTREE in the left pane, the folder is not properly linked
    • Follow the steps below
  • Double click Inbox - Username and expand the Root container
  • Click on IPM_SUBTREE
  • In the right pane rightclick the PR_ENTRYID, PR_MEMBER_ENTRYID attribute and select Open As Entry ID or Object
  • Copy the long entry id that appears in the popup box (right click and copy)
  • Click ok to check if the IPM_SUBTREE is opened in the left pane, close the window
  • Go back to the main window and click on Inbox - Username
    • Right click on PR_IPM_SUBTREE_ENTRYID, choose edit property
      • Paste the value you copied earlier into the top "Bin" box and click on ok
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