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From version 6.20 onwards, Zarafa has fax server support. This means that you can send an email to a fax address. The MTA will reroute all emails for a specific fax domain to your fax server.

Make sure you already have a fax server running. This manual is tested with Postfix and Hylafax. For more information about configuring Hylafax, see the Hylafax webpage.

To configure Zarafa for fax support, please follow these steps:

  • Add to the spooler configuration the option: fax_domain = ...

All email send to a fax number will get the configured domain as domain part, so FAX:+31152616776 will be rewritten to [email protected]

  • Add to the Postfix main.cf the options:
transport_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/transport
fax_destination_recipient_limit = 1
  • In the transport map you need to specify the different domains with the correct transport provider.
@fax.zarafa.com fax:ip_fax_server
@zarafa.com zarafa:
  • In the master.cf you will need to specify the fax transport provider.
fax unix - n n - 1 pipe flags= user=fax argv=/usr/bin/faxmail -d -n ${user}
  • Create the transport hashmap with the command: postmap /etc/postfix/transport
  • Restart Postfix to activate all changes

You can now send an email to a fax number using Outlook. Please check the mail.log for debugging.

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